Pernigotti's tradition began in 1860 with the opening in Novi Ligure of what would soon become one of the most popular grocery stores in Piedmont.

The high quality of the production led his founder Stefano Pernigotti to create ‘Pernigotti & Son’, opening the factory that would be a symbol and a benchmark for the city. In 1882, as a confirmation of its achievements, the company got the Royal Emblem and became an official supplier of the Italian Royal Family.


At the beginning of the 19th century, Pernigotti was already one of the most important companies in its sector, technologically advaced and with an innovative production process. With the second generation the company kept on growing Paolo Pernigotti, thanks to his intelligence and an in-depth knowledge of processing techniques, created a revolutionary honey-based recipe for torrone, by-passing the lack of sugar during the first world war.

After only a few years, in 1927, he started the production of the classic Gianduiotto. The praline with its unmistakable shape where chocolate and hazelnuts are melt together, became soon one of the most appreciated icon of the italian chocolate tradition.


In the following years research never stopped the company grew, changed its headquarter and kept on inventing products that entered in the history as in every house, like Cremino, Pepitas or Nocciolato.

In 2014 the Toksoz’s family has gathered this important tradition in order to lead it to a true internationalization, bringing Pernigotti’s chocolate all over the world, by preserving its Italian origin and the quality of its recipes.